A growth specialty advisory firm serving Georgia’s private business owners.  For 17-years we've focused on one mission, to help our clients grow wiser and grow faster.

Let us show you how.


To learn about the unique aspects of both your company and the market in which you compete AND understand your particular challenge(s). Then...
Provide affordable, actionable, proven direction that will solve your most pressing problem and generate the business growth you envision.


Thank you for helping us understand how to REALLY run a business. The insights, expertise, and processes we've learned from you have helped us more than TRIPLE our gross earnings in 3-years! Ed - an advanced printing company

“Mike really helped us target our lead generating activities and it paid off in a big way.  If it weren’t for his insights and direct advice we would still be spinning our wheels with blind emails and cold calls”    Scott – Sales, Health Care Services Firm

“Mike’s facilitation skills and disciplined adherence to the business rules makes him the ideal ‘outsider’ to scrutinize every aspect of our business and guide us through the strategic planning process.”  Ines – marketing firm

“Mike facilitated process helped us realize we weren’t THAT different from our competitors. What he uncovered helped us discover a way to differentiate ourselves.  I am excited for what the future has in store" Lane - mfg services business  

"Because of logistics limitations we thought growth prospects for our business was limited.  Allegro’s strategy development process uncovered a new avenue for growth.  We have already earned a new customer – IKEA!”  Robert – manufacturing co. 

"Allegro’s facilitated process revealed the growth path for us – and boy did we grow – tripling sales in three years!  Mike continues to be the kind of mentor we need to stay focused and on course."  Alex and Nina – Property Preservation Company

"Overall, working with you thus far has led to a fair amount of soul searching on our end, which has been fruitful. I feel like we have arrived at some conclusions, and are ready to start taking meaningful actions to grow." Doug – web-based services company

"Best darn money we spent in the 10 years we have existed other than equipment and people.!" Belinda Co-Owner Organic Farming Business

"Our business since working with you is absolutely booming!" Phil - a powder coating company


Mike Gomez

The best consultants are good teachers with credible business experience and proven success in their business disciplines. 

Prior to Allegro (Pre-2002):

  • Award winning civilian aerospace engineer and accident investigator for the USN before joining the USAF. 
  • Flight safety and system safety engineer overseeing the safe conduct of production flight testing for Boeing
  • Large complex sales campaign leader, then international regional sales director with Boeing and Lockheed. 
  • Defined the win strategies; led and won multiple complex sales campaigns against Russian, French, UK, and U.S. competitors to sell over $10B in military fighter jets to our foreign allies.
  • "CEO" of a $2.5B design and production project (3K people, 300 sub-contractors) to build and deliver 25 very unique F-15 fighter jets to one of our closest allies. 

After Launching Allegro (2002 -present):

  • Grew first client’s business from $8 to $35M in 3 years. First, by helping them develop their first growth strategy, then later with sales process and execution support.
  • Authored numerous business growth articles for Atlanta Business Chronicle, AJC, Business Insider, and Gwinnett Business Journal 
  • 2010 recipient of Metro Atlanta’s Global Impact Award.
  • 2009 Chairman of the Selection Committee for Metro Atlanta Small Business Person of the Year Award
  • Guest lecturer for entrepreneurship, sales process, and international business at UGA and Georgia Tech.
  • Sought after business and community speaker on business growth and sales process.
  • Mentor at ATL Tech Village and Four Athens Tech Incubator
  • 2013/14 judge for UGA’s Next Top Entrepreneur competition.



If you implement our advice or follow the strategy we developed together you will meet or exceed the measurable growth goals we established in the time-frame defined GUARANTEED. If those goals are not achieved we will support you and work with you FREE until they are met.


We will strictly adhere to proven business practices and provide advice and guidance based on sound data and first hand experience.


We’ve answered a whole slew of them for you!