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Why "About Us" Matters

By Mike Gomez
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So how much thought did you put into the "About Us" tab on your website?

A new client called to tell me they were having problems getting any traction with their new start-up. They are a tech company specializing in a certain field.  They acquired a list of qualified prospects and proceeded on a phone and email campaign to try to garner interest and an invitation for a more formal presentation. Though feedback to the email and phone inquiries was positive they were only able to secure a handful of appointments and those meetings produced no tangible results.    

Before meeting the two principals I pretended as if I received one of their calls or emails and began doing some relatively light due diligence about their company - something you should expect any prospect to do before they consider meeting you.  I looked up their LinkedIn profiles. Scanned their Facebook page. Read some of their tweets. I then perused their website to learn about their product and services paying particular attention to the "About Us" page.  In this case it explained their brief history and offered links to the leadership biographies.  It was here where I became puzzled.

Let's say, for example they are a company who specialized in selling back-up generators for skyscrapers.  Let's say they not only supplied these generators but they also installed and integrated them into the building's electrical system by providing project management services. In this case one might expect to see something in the 'About Us' tab that tells me not only when the company was formed but also the depth of experience they have in this field.  One might also expect to see this case further reinforced by notable accomplishments/experience in project management and/or expertise in large generators when reading their leadership biographies.  

What if you don't see any of these attributes?  How would you react?

I imagine this is what happened in their case as well. There was nothing in their bios or in the company story that showed me they deserved my attention - that I could learn something or benefit from their expertise. Nothing!

I have this simple phrase I use when coaching marketing and sales people, "Keep their heads nodding up and down". Because the second their head pauses or tilts like a dog trying to understand you, your work to convince them of your value just got harder.

Anytime you cause a potential customer to pause the selling process because something is "just not right" with your story you make his work substantially harder as well.  But in the case of the customer he will more than likely abandon further interest than put the effort into uncovering why there was a disconnect.

The "About Us" tab is a marketing tool.  It should complete the story of your website by answering the question "why shop here?"   If you specialize in a certain field, here is where you show your credentials.  If your company holds patents or retains a renowned expert, brag about it here.  This is not the page to be humble.  This is the page to boast and make a compelling case for why a potential customer should want to do business with you and your firm over all the other choices. Check out our About Us page. Did we make a compelling case?

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